LGA Socket 1155 or vs Socket 1366

Hello there any of this Socket is best for gaming and further for make power full Computer for gaming and more
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  1. Agree with Psyco, 1155 is better for price/performance and will be compatible with Ivy Bridge.
  2. There's a socket 2011 thats due out here sometime.

    Its to 1155 as 1366 is to 1156.

    From what i understand.
  3. I'm running Socket 1366 X58 and I’m really happy with it, however socket 1155 is much easier to overclock as it's more affordable and you can purchase a CPU with an unlocked multiplier.

    Socket 1155 is just the upgrade for socket 1156, socket 2011 (Due release in September this year) is the upgrade for socket 1366, I don't know what the expected retail price will be but personally I would rather wait for the release and buy myself the new socket.

    Just my 15 cents!
  4. ^ Xtasty said it all.

    A Sandy Bridge performs better then the first gen i7s. The 1155 is surely future-proof, but if your build isnt urgent and you want the fastest cpu you can wait till the end of this year for Ivy Bridge and who knows - Bulldozer might give us a surprise :)
  5. 1155 is cheaper and much better than 1366 in ALL aspects! (extremely overpriced 980x/990x not considered)

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