Multi-Tasking Home PC worth US$700-850

im from Philippines and i read a lot of good reviews same with the tricks around here.
im here to ask how can i budget every bucks of mine. for a good quality long lasting, multi tasking Desktop PC?

currently im a student and i will use the rig for Multimedias like RENDERING,PLOTTING,PHOTOSHOP, VIDEO EDITING, MP3 ENCODING and some games like, LEFT 4 DEAD,WARCRAFT (DOTA) and COUNTERSTRIKE. btw, im not a Heavy Gamer i just play to kill time ^^

i suggets not to overclock,if ever just an easy overclocking.

PROCESSOR: ( i think a quadcore is suitable for that applications )
MOTHERBOARD: ( no idea )
MONITOR: ( single monitor 20" - 22" only )
VIDEO CARD: ( i want an HD4870 what brand must i choose? )
MEMORY: ( 4gig of ram only)
CASING: ( around 40$ only )
POWERSUPPLY: ( better if xfire ready for future upgrades )
MOUSE: ( good mouse and durable )
KEYBOARD: ( easy to use keyboards )

btw i have a budget of only around 42,000,000 pesos or equivalent to more likely 850$, does newegg ships on philippines? if not i do have a relative @ Wyoming. is it free shipping?
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  1. Well free shipping really depends on the hardware you pick :P Since u have a relative in the USA here is a suggested config for 1680 x 1050 gaming and you dun need multi GPU for that resolution - even less so with the sort of games u fancy hehe. In fact i would suggest the HD4770 for your needs but ya $783.47 with ship less MIR
  2. Did you say you have 42 million pesos?

    because I just went on and that comes out to over USD$880,000.00 so I'm guessing you meant 42,000 pesos.
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