2600K vs 2500K

Hello there a CPU

2600K how much can we oc normal 3.3 GHz ? to GHz

2500K how much can we oc noraml 3.4 GHz ? to GHz
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    That depends of your components, temps and skill for overclock. Many people can hit 4.6GHZ or above on air with a good cooler.
  2. Thx you for replay than 2500k can up to 4.6 what about 2600 k ?
  3. 4.8GHZ or 5GHZ with good settings, good temps, a lot of work and a little of luck
  4. The CPU speeds could be higher with one chip or another. Not all chips are the same, depending on the batch one might overclock better than the other. With either chip you should easily be able to get to 4.3 - 4.4 ghz, and if you are lucky you should be able to get either to around 5.0 ghz with some good cooling and a bit of work.

    The only real difference between the two once you start overclocking is the 2600K has hyperthreading and 2 more megabyte of cache.
  5. For both of those chips:

    If you are unlucky, 4.2GHz.
    If you have average luck, 4.5GHz.
    If you have above-average luck, 4.8GHz.
    If you are very, very, very lucky, 5.0GHz or higher.
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