Overclocking core i7 920 on msi x58m mobo

Ok, bare with me everyone but I'm very new to all of this. I just built a PC with a intel core i7 920 on a msi x58m motherboard. Can anyone show me how to do a basic overclock to maybe 3.3ghz? I've been looking everyone and it seems that this motherboard is not as popular as some of the other ones. I would just like to learn how to do a basic overclock for knowledge wise and just to push the processor a bit and see what happens. I appreciate all who can help. Thanks.
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  1. The principles of overclocking (well for LGA1366) are pretty much the same for all motherboards. First here is very good link: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/core-i7-920-overclocking.html Do not be confused about the different motherboards, the parameters like BCLK, CPU Ratio etc are the same. Pay attention also to the voltages. Try not to burn to much your CPU(but no worries I have also i7 920, and currently is 4.2 with 1,36 v without problems). And also maximum VERY maximum DDR(ram memory) voltage is 1.65(depending on your ram). DO NOT go over, you can permanently damage your processor and your ram! And for the last, search this forum for tutorials/advices how to overclock.
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