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Wasn't sure if this should be in storage or in networking, but anyways.

I'm in college right now and my friends and I like to have LAN parties, so we install the files on everyone's computer and it's a pain. I have a question about network storage systems such as, strictly for use as an example, this:

I've been google searching for a while now and can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Would we all be able to simultaneously access games or other files installed in a network storage enclosure or is there another way to do this so we don't have to install files on everyone's computers every time?
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  1. What you could be looking for is a NAS, I don't know if you could all run games off it, but i know it is much easier to share files (i have one for my LAN parties) we just download the files off of it and install them, because its on your local area network the trans files are quite quick.
    I hope this helps
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