Need help downclocking with SPDTool

I need a little help, I have 2 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz sticks, and no, cannot return them, :(. either one of them will work with a 667 mhz module in my MacBook (My school requires them, I would never buy a Mac, and I never have nor will, but I am making use of it while I am cursed with it) but not both, and I know why, crappy little board cannot handle downclocking two 800 mhz sticks at the same time, so I did some research, and a guy got them to work by editing the spd to downclock one stick manually, but I am not great with clocking and timings and such, so if someone could instruct me on setting the right values to downclock this stick to 667, or better yet, do it and post the dump file, I would really appreciate it, I am using Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium (They can make me use an Apple computer, but not the OS) if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks in advance to any kind souls that give me a hand. I've uploaded SPDTool and the dump file for that stick, I tried to clock these myself a few times, downclocked to 333 mhz, and set timings to 4 or 5, but screwed something up and nearly lost the sticks. So I'm just gonna hope someone more knowledgable than I can help.

Nearly forgot, in case it helps any, these are the modules I got:

EDIT: Forgot to add this, the sticks I bought are indeed 800 mhz, the page changed after I bought them, but the rest of the information should be correct. I am positive that these are 800 mhz, so disregard what the page says, XD
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  1. Check out Thaiphoon Burner -
    It can do with SPD everything you need!
  2. Thanks man, I had tried that too, but it didn't work either for some reason, whatever the reason, I simply couldn't flash these sticks. Luckily for me, my dad got a laptop, which had 4 gigs of 667 MHz DDR2, which happened to work in my lappy, and his lappy could handle 800, so we both got an upgrade. :D

    EDIT: And I ordered a new laptop today anyhow, its been on my wishlist.
  3. You are lucky now! Congrats, buddy! :)

    Well, I suspect you are not able to flash since your memory modules are write protected. That feature is enabled on many DDR2/DDR3 SO-DIMMs, e.g. from Hynix. But if you are using Windows 7 64-bit you have to disable UAC before running Thaiphoon Burner. Otherwise you cannot read and write SPD data. Good luck!
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