2600k at 4.5ghz

Hi guys,

I want to know, if 4.5 ghz is a speed which is needed for modern(2009-2011) games. Some people say that 3.9ghz-3.8 is more then enough. So i am kinda confused a bit. One more question, i am also using programs as fraps, vegas pro, adobe photoshop and adobe after effects, so do those programs perform better at 4.5 ghz or they also do not need more than 3.8-4.0 ghz.

Thanks you help

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  1. Its not a simple question really.

    The 2500k at stock should be more than enough to handle anything you throw at it. Overclocking gets you MORE performance. weather you need that is up to you.

    If it appears to be struggling with a task, then an overclock would help alleviate it. but there's no "right" overclock.
  2. Yep, I agree with the previous poster.

    Funnily enough I have a 2600K and it's currently running @ 4.5 GHz.
    It is overkill. It was overkill at stock speeds.
    I am pretty confident it will do 5 GHz in my system, but I simply do not need to bother at the moment.
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