Amd 965 3.4ghz

I am building a new system and wondered if there would be any bottle necking issues with a 4870 x2 crossfire setup and the amd 965 black edition
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  1. Firstly, I'm not sure if you mean ONE 4870X2 or TWO 4870X2's, and if you mean TWO of them, I'd suggest getting 2-3 HD 4890's instead, as they'd be cheaper and faster.

    Second, we need to know if you're going to overclock the 965, though at stock it should be fine.
  2. No you would not have any bottle necking with a 965 and a 4870X2 .
  3. You will be fine with a single 4870X2. If you want to add a second 4870X2 for 4-way crossfire then your CPU does begin to become the limiting factor but of course overclocking it will help.
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