Is it true about 8x8 boards

That if you only are using one PCIE slot, the PCIE slot is going to stay at an 8? I wanted to get that Asrock Extreme 4, but it only has 8x8. I don't know if I'm going to do SLI/Crossfire, but I would like the option available. However, if that is the case, I'd rather have a 16x4.
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  1. You didn't say if you were Intel or AMD CPU, but looking at these boards :

    They all have 2 PCI-E slots. They all support x8 / x8 too.....

    If you use ONE video card it will operate at x16. It's ONLY when you install two cards will it supply x8 to Each card. BTW, don't buy any x16/x4 motherboards as the performance with two cards will be greatly reduced.

    Be SURE to click on the Details tab and read the Features carefully..... almost all MB with this dual PCI-E configuration will support Crossfire, BUT unless is says it supports SLI it WON"T.....

    The AMD board:
    Supports ATI Quad CrossFireX, 3-Way CrossFireX, CrossFireX and Hybrid CrossFireX

    The Intel board:
    Supports ATI CrossFireX and Quad CrossFireX; NVIDIA SLI and Quad SLI
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