ATI to Nvidia switch.


I'm switching from ATI Radeon X1600 Pro to Nvidia GeForce 9500GT. I checkout the manual for nvidia. The instruction is not clear as whether I should uninstall the old video card's driver before I install the new card.

Should I uninstall and install the new card ?

Please advice.

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  1. If I understand you correctly, I'd first enter in safe-mode, remove the driver ?

    Also, I don't see any uninstall utility for the (old) ATI card, so is it OK for me to remove from control-panel ( add/remove programs ) ?

  2. yeh remove from add/remove prog, restart, then shutdown and install the new card
  3. strangestranger, xaria - Thanks ! It worked like a charm.

    So I logged into the windows safe mode. I've a dual boot with Linux( Ubuntu ) and Windoze and so it was tricky. After couple of trials I was able to get to the windoze menu ( press F8 at regular intervals ). Once I was in safe mode, there indeed was a removal utility from ATI itself ( ATI being my old card ). I restarted, came back to safe mode, shutdown and installed the new (nvidia) card.

    Thanks for the help.
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