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I7 $1100 - 1200 Range Computer Build

Last response: in Systems
May 17, 2009 8:33:32 PM

I am looking to build a i7 based computer for around $1100 but I am not sure exactly what I need. I am primarily going to use the computer for business but I do want an i7 and want a fast computer. I have picked out some parts but I am not an expert so they may not work together, what do you guys think?

Intel DX58SO Motherboard (

Intel i7 920 Processor (

OSZ 3GB 1600Mhz RAM (

XFX GeForce 8800 GT Video Card (

Coolmax 600 Watt power supply (

DVD Burner (

Western 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive (

Case with 120mm Fan (

I am not sure if the motherboard will handle 1600Mhz memory because the site says it only handles 1000Mhz and 1333Mhz but I think it will because it is a pretty expensive motherboard. Oh and one more thing I already have a monitor and operating system so I don't need to worry about those. Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks!
May 17, 2009 8:58:07 PM

intel motherboards are best avoided for gamers . They tend to have quite limiting BIOS'es in the past .

Thats a very light weight gaming card for a high end computer . if you are after good gaming experience then your build is a bit unbalanced IMO
May 17, 2009 9:07:37 PM

Yes it is a light weight and way overpriced GPU - get the ATI 4770 for cheaper (it is much faster) or get the GTS 250 for just a bit more ~$10 (it puts that card to shame). A better question is what is your resolution and what kind of business (excel and SPSS, or something more demanding?) If you don't want to game then I would get an ATI 4350 or an Nvidia 9400/9500GT - save you a lot of money and will get you all the performance you need

edit - just saw that was for CA -
here are some suggestions:

or - better than the 8800 GT

here is another good card:

here is a really good deal wit mail-in:

Hope this helps a bit
May 18, 2009 3:31:26 AM

Oh thanks, I didn't realize the GeForce 8800 was that much overpriced. Looking at the Nvidia 9000 series I will definitely go with one of them. Also I guess the system will be fairly unbalanced due to the lower quality graphics card but the main reason I am going with the expensive CPU and motherboard is so I can upgrade the computer in a couple years, knowing computers if I get anything under the best it will be completed outdated by the time I get around to upgrading it. Thanks for the advice though, it is very helpful to get input when building this computer, especially considering I have never built a computer before.