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I currently run a Minecraft server, with possibly a NWN2 server in the future. My hard drive just bit it and I need to replace it, I found this on sale today at best buy:

I want to know is this going to work for what I want it to? I know its large for game servers but I can store files on it as well thats why I want the size big, movies, backups, stuff like that. I basically want to know if I would be shooting myself in the foot buying a 5900RPM drive for a server application as opposed to spending a bit more for a large 7200 RPM drive. Thank you in advance I hope someone can help me out!
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  1. What was the old hard drive? How was it's performance?
  2. It was an old 250GB 7200 HDD, I'm not well versed in performance and things like that in regards to Hard Drives. It was IDE, but this next one will be SATA one I am doing a full hardware overhaul but I need to save up for it, but due to the HDD dying I am forced to replace this part now and I am looking for the best price and performance. If I'm better off dropping down to a 1TB at 7200 rpm I will, I just saw this on sale locally and figured I would ask about it.
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    It's probably faster than your old 250GB, because of the greater data density and other improvements, especially being SATA. I'd still go for a 7200 RPM drive. Check out for better selection/prices than best buy.
  4. Yea, I buy mostly from Newegg, but the only reason I was tempted by this was I was going to try to get my server back up asap, but its no big deal. Thank you for the help gtvr!
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