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Hi, I just installed a new 2TB Samsung hard drive. Booted up windows, formatted the drive, and put information on it. Turned my computer off, fired it up this morning, only to get a request for the proper boot device. Went back to BIOS and found that my computer stopped recognizing 2 30GB SSD as RAID. They were striped together holding my Windows 7 OS.

Now what? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Got backup?

    You can search for raid recovery software, there's some out there but it depends on why the 2nd 30gb drive died. If it's GONE/DEAD you may be out of luck.

    Which is why I don't recommend raid 0 unless it's for a really specific reason, and people understand the risks/backup requirements.
  2. if the bios mode got swapped from RAID to AHCI or IDE that can be fixed by putting it back to RAID. The raid controller should redect the array if it isnt broken and boot from it. If however you have to redo the array you will lose all the data on those SSD"s
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