SLI 285s with 2 Monitors

So I decided to finally hook up my old dell 19 in lcd to my new computer setup with sli gtx 285s and a samsung t240. I was wondering which video card to connect the dell monitor to. I will only be using the other monitor for miscellaneous programs or web surfing while playing crysis or some other game on the main monitor. So should I connect it to the 2nd 285 or the one with the samsung? Thanks.
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  1. If you are runnin 2 285s in sli both monitors will need to be run off of the top or 1st video card. Make sure you are running the latest drivers from nvidia.

    After hooking up the second and booting go into nvidia control panel to the multiple monitor setting. The rest is easy.
    More information on this subject can be found here


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    When in SLI you can only run monitors off the 1st or master card. You won't be able to run a monitor from the other card(s) that are in SLI unless you disable SLI.
  3. Well I was strangely anticipating the opposite answer, so I connected the dell monitor to the other video card and everything is working fine. After reading these posts, I check under nvidia control panel and sli is still enabled. Should I still switch the connections to al on one video card?
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