PC switches off abruptly --M3A78-EM+9950 Black Edition

I have ASUS M3A78-EM with AMD 9950 Black Edition & 2 x Transcend 2Gb 800 Mhz RAM &
cooler master 600W SMPS.
Whenever I turn ON my PC.It runs for 5-90 seconds & then gets switched off abruptly.
Same problem i faced around 1 month ago so i replaced my CPU.
Currently i am running new CPU from last week.It rans smoothly for week.now same problem again.
I tried RAM into diff slost but stil same.
I removed RAM & HDD and started PC again but still problem persists.
Currently CPU temp is shown as 44 C & sys temp is 30 C in BIOS
let me know problem is with CPU or MOBO or SMPS.
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  1. Unplug everything except 1 DIMM RAM, CPU/Fan and video card. Everything else including hard drives, optical drives, case fans, floppy, etc. Boot into BIOS and let the system run. If the system shuts down, the MB may be shorting out to the case. Try properly reinstalling the MB. be sure to use the brass risers which normally come with the case. Other things that could cause the system to short out like it is doing. PSU. Bad SATA/IDE cables. I have the same MB.
  2. with 1 ram also sys still shuts down...i tried both RAM in all slots but it shut down.....
    My mobo is already on wooden table covered with paper ....so no chance of shorting of mobo.....
  3. Perhaps try a different PSU. A bad or loosly connected SATA cable can cause the system to short out and shut down. Have you gone into BIOS and set up the RAM and chipset voltages?
  4. Are you using the ATI 3200 onboard chip for video? Have you loaded the driver. The sytem drivers need to be loaded also. Which OS do you use. I will link the video and chipset driver.
  5. The forum is experiencing some problems. Which OS do you use? Also list 32/64 bit version. I saw you're post on the ASUS site also. No help there.
  6. yes all drivers are loaded...sometimes sys boots up to login screen & shuts down...sometime in during POST it shuts down....2 time it booted up to desktop n shuts....i am using windowz xp sp 3 ...& my windows is regularly updated....
  7. I use 32 bit XP SP3 ...still no help from asus site also...i did not changed any voltages of RAM and chip set...factory settings are configured....do i need to change them??? hope it wil not void warranty....do i need to update BIOS ...will it help....
  8. Check the RAM for manufacturer voltage requirements (written on DIMM) and set the voltage, timings and speed in BIOS, especially the voltage to the RAM. There have been so many BIOS updates to the board. I have the latest BIOS which finally sems to have addressed some of the many memory issues with the board. Set the proper voltage in BIOS if you expect the system to run. You may consider using other RAM too. Here is the latest Chipset driver for the 780G using XP. Install it.

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