PC Having problems booting after a crash.

I use my PC for gaming mostly, and I've been playing quite a bit of World of Warcraft lately ( :whistle: ), and for a past month or so the game has started to crash. The error has either been some weird "cant load this certain wow file blahblah" or a "application requested some high amount of memory". Well, a couple weeks ago it crashed and the entire pc went down with it. After rebooting it would lock up on the bios splash screen and after a bunch of trial and error and a reset of the cmos battery (through a convenient button on the back of my pc) i was able to get my pc started up again alright.

I've also had weird "display drivers failed" messages when minimizing wow or just playing it too, so i upgraded my drivers in hopes that it would fix my problem, that was yesterday.

Anyway, today wow crashed again, and yet again, it took my whole pc down. I went through the steps i took last time with the cmos reset but it still hangs up right before the vista login screen would appear. So im not currently able to get to the desktop on that PC and im typing this on my macbook.

Would do you think is causing this? I'm thinking ram maybe but none of this makes any sense. (Also, maybe its because i play WoW more then anything else but the crashing only seems to occur while playing WoW specifically)

Some specs:

Intel QX9650 extreme clocked at only 3.00 ghz for now.

2 x 2gb Gskill ram

ASUS Maximus Formula Mobo

Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 mb

4 x 150 gb Western Digital Raptors in RAID 0.

Im also using a auzentech Prelude sound card.

EDIT: Forgot the power supply, its this one : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139002

Jeez I sure seem to end up asking for help here a lot, I wish I wasn't as naive as I was when I built this PC.
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  1. Huh, guess what? After waiting a while i turned on the pc for the hell of it..and it booted up just fine. What the hell? :??:

    So maybe its some sort of overheating problem? Seems like it could be logical but i wouldnt consider myself an expert.

    Either way, I'm sure this isnt a permanent fix, so I could still use ideas on what the problem could be.
  2. At least until you find out what, if anything, is overheating, back off anything that is OC'ed, including the video card (even if the factory did it). Remove and reseat your RAM, then run Memtest on it.
    Does your case have decent airflow, with a reasonable balance of exhaust and intake fans? Have you blown the dust out of the heatsinks lately?
  3. CPU temps are fine, and my airflow should be all right. I use a coolermaster cosmos which as far as i am aware moves air quite nicely. All my HDD's are in coolers in the 5.25" drive bays. I'll try running Memtest soon
  4. Sounds like some of your WOW files are snafu'ed copy out any user settings [if needed] and reinstall,AND if your WOW is on another partition other than the primary you can go to the partition's properties and fix software errors..:)
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