Gpu overheating

Hi guys,

I have a problem here:

I am running a phenom II x4 955, with a gtx 285, and an antec 1200 case, 650 w psu.

i haven't overclocked anything in my pc, however since a while now, the gpu runs awfully hot. If i leave the fan on stock speeds, then i get like 71 degrees at idle. This is rather annoying, because when i play any games, the gpu goes up to 97 degrees, and the games freeze.

I am not a huge gamer, but i like to be able to play from time to time.

This is not a dust issue, i have cleaned up my case, and filters about 1 month ago. 2 weeks ago, i tore the gtx285 apart, and i cleaned up the fan, and applied mx3 thermal paste on it, because the old paste was just concrete.

I have 0 clues on what to do.

I believed that the PSU is venting the hot air onto the gpu, so i moved it 1 slot further from the psu, but the situation is the same.

Can anyone point me to some direction?
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  1. just a quick note, my gpu used to run at like 58 degrees at idle ...

    i have also reloaded my windows, because i thought maybe i have some bad drivers or i don't know that keep the gpu running but .. still clueless.
  2. i am using evga precision now, and i set the fan to 100 % but it's ridiculous, to run at 65 degrees at idle. it makes a ton of noise.
  3. Your card should idle in the 40's.
    Contact the manufacturer.
    The psu does not exhaust hot air into the case.
    The 1200 has excellent airflow.
    Something wrong with the gpu imo.
  4. I always love card replacements...

    Anyways, you should use that lifetime warranty :D
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