Clicking sound + no boot.

Hell everyone,

I have read some threads on the web about this but I just would like to make sure that my HD is done for. I'm currently at work so this will be all from memory.

Today, my HD started making loud clicking sounds. After about 10 clicks the PC froze up. I tried rebooting without success. The computer hangs for about 20 seconds then prompts to insert Bootable media.

I took out the HD, cooled it off for about 10 mins, retried booting up. Used different SATA ports as well as power cables. Tried moving the drive around while on / clicking, without shacking it or hitting it, all 360* without success.

Its a WESTERN DIGITAL WD 360GD. 2004. 36GB 10,000 RPM. Its a SATA drive.
Running Win XP Pro, P4 3.2 GHz 2GB RAM. Perl Mobo

Its an old piece that worked fine without any problems until tonight. I have a lot of data on it that I need to recover. Are there any homemade work arounds without giving it to a recovery company?
I do have other HDs that I can install Windows on to boot up with, but will the DRIVE itself be recoverable since it will not spin?

I will try out your suggested tips upon returning home.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. you could try in a external drive box see next link for if that doesn't work .sorry your data lost
  2. I do have a similar one at home, I may try.
    Im sure recovery companies can transfer the disk to another drive to recover the data, but the cost would be too much imo.
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