New vga card crashing?

my new card is crashing during games can you help me fix this
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  1. ill need more info than that dude

    try upgrading to the latest drivers,
  2. i bought a HIS 3850 icq agp 512Mb vga card and placed it in my pc which is running a MS-6712 mobo 2 gigs pc 32oo memory 80 gig hard drive 700wt power supply. tHE VGA CARD IS RUNNING GREAT TILL I PLAY GAMES LIKE aMERICAS ARMY OR HIDDEN AND DANGEROUS , THEN THE CP CRASHES WITHIN A 5 MINS. I got the card to work with the latest hot fix drivers from ati 9.4 cd drivers would not load. Twmps are good and dont climb alot when im playing in the game mobo temp is 40 vga card is 55 and cpu is 63 when im not in a game they rise about 5 degrees or so when i play. the card cost 219.00 dollars at new egg. every thing i have read says my mobo and hardware supports this agp card.
  3. mad xp 3000 cpu with this ms-6712 mobo.
  4. amd
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