Need Overclock advice

Mobo: M3A79-T DELUXE

CPU: PHENOM X4 9950BE 2.6ghz

RAM: OCZ 2 X 2GB = 4gb total

OCZ box spec list
2.1 volts

So lets start at the beginning.

I was told "the lower the timings, the lower the delay, the faster the chip reacts. Increasing timings increases the clock, but also increases the delays. So, your chips might appear to be operating faster, but a benchmark test may show otherwise."

So I changed them to the specs OCZ listed it can go. I used 2v since I was told bios has it .1 extra added without showing.

I boot and use CPU-Z and see that 1.8v and thought wtf did I just do so I go back to bios at the exit page and load defaults which now I think was a bad idea.

BIOS settings before I load back to defaults.

Could someone explain what just happened and if this is a problem or nothing to worry about? I did not run any memory tests.
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  1. Hi.

    Non offense, but I can see that you did those change without know wth was you doing.

    Now to my questions:

    1- Why do you want overclock the RAM?
    2- Why not overclock the CPU first?
  2. I'm new to OC, first time every OCing. Idk just thought it would be better ocing ram.

    Someone else told me
    "400Mhz with CL6!?
    Way below rated of 800 CL5-4-4-15. You should get those set!
    First set the speeds & voltage, then go to "DRAM timing configuration" and set up the other timings manually"
  3. Nice, and that person said you that your RAM is dual channel? If you installed right, that RAM is 400MHz x 2 =800MHz that's the rated speed of your RAM.
  4. I know but when I loaded defaults at the exit page it turned it to 1:1 and 1T which only made it 400mhz instead 400mhz x 2 right? He just told me when he saw this, I didn't do what he said so far.

    New pictures.

  5. Channel Interleaving - Auto to disabled
    I did everything else right, like 800mhz instead 400mhz
    2t enabled
    listed specs


    CPU-Z tells me at "SPD" tab that its 1.8v.
  6. You WON'T never see 400MHz x2 or 800MHz in DDR2. You only can see 266, 400, 533 in BIOS and CPU-Z, that number needs be multiplied by x2 and you will get the real speed of your RAM running in dual channel.

    The only way in which you can see 800MHz in BIOS and CPU-Z is using a 1600MHz RAM and that's only possible with DDR3 not DDR2.
  7. In bios I changed memclock value to 800mhz, 2T enabled added in my factory specs and TRC is TRAS + TRP so it should be 19 but I left it at auto so its 24 TRC.

    Now I don't know what your talking about can't see 800mhz in bios, are we talking about the same thing? I changed it to 800mhz as it suppose to be. 400mhz x2 was a bad term, the correct term is 1:2 right? 400mhz x 2 = 800mhz from 1:2 2T

    I ran HyperPi 32m afterwards and its fine. So Did I really overclock my ram or did I just moved on my timings to factory specifications?

    I overclocked my cpu multiplier by .50 notch and done IntelBurnTest between.
    @ 1.25v x14.50 Stable
    @ 1.36v x15 Stable so I actually had to reboot many times to change it, blue screens...sometimes it would load to windows and intelburntest would give me a bluescreen but its all stable now.

    Moving on to my current goal. Overclocking ram...More speed(mhz) or storage(gb)?
  8. Correct, 1:2 is the correct term in RAM, and not, you don't overclocked your RAM you just set the RAM to default specs.

    How long did you ran the stress test? what temps?

    Regarding the RAM overclock, you won't see a big difference if you can overclock the RAM until 1066MHz with that CPU.
  9. I see, so should I? 32M took about 30 minutes and the temps I wouldn't know...I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a sensor unless your talking about cpu.

    37c idle @ 40-50c load

    I set everything back to defaults, my problem now is my computer resets could be my gpu. Its giving me display problems so I underclocked it without giving stress tests.
  10. If you think that your GPU have problems, test it in another rig.

    Keep your rig with 800MHz and after upgrade to bulldozer with DDR3
  11. I'll upgrade 2012-2013 where next gen graphics kick in, thats where the 5k will actually be useful. I would do it now honestly but I think how it'll be used and it won't be much difference in gaming.

    I'm going to do Small ftt test with Prime95, what settings should I use? I'll leave it for a couple hours just to make sure its all good.
  12. The default settings for your RAM.
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