Steps to install OS on SSD + Raid 0 array

Im about to put together my new rig and i don't want to mess up setting up my RAID0 array. Im going to be installing my OS(windows7)/main apps on a Crucial C300 128gb SSD. I am also going to have two samsung F3 1TB drives in RAID 0 for storage and other apps.

Here are my computers components
- i7 2600k

- Asus P8P67 Deluxe

- Corsair Dominator 1600 C9 8GB kit CMP8GX3M2A-1600C9 (4GBx2)

- Crucial C300 128GB

- Samsung 1tb x2 RAID 0

Graphics Card
- Nvidia GTX 570 sli -

Power Supply
- Corsair HX850

- ven x

- Cooler Master 690 II Advanced

can any1 provide any links or a step by step to create a raid0 and install my OS on a SSD. I read that if you install your OS onto the SSD first, its a pain to create the raid0 array.

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  1. Take my thoughts for what they are worth, but most of the people offering opinions here are clueless.

    I have done almost exactly your h/w config and there were no issues in installing Win 7 on an SSD and then adding a RAID 0 array later. I took the same config and added a RAID0 array in BIOS and then installed Win 7. Guess what - nothing failed, no new issues, no command line commands - nothing. It installed and fired up. I then transferred an image from a regular drive to a RAID0 array - no issues.

    Do follow the basics - dont power stuff on when installing things, do have everything plugged in and ready to go. Its not that hard....

    If you look at the junk most of these people have its no wonder nothing ever works for them.

    And in the end, you will be more satisfied that you did it yourself rather than follow some lame guide...
  2. You're sure about using RAID 0 for data?
  3. Thanks for your reply vvhocre5 i guess ill give it a shot

    Oh and im not storing my important data on it, i have a synology NAS is RAID5 for that. Im just gonna use this to install apps that i don't use often/media etc.

    Bad news though, i won't be able to build my rig for another 1-2 weeks - _ - . All of the 'K' processors are sold out in Singapore :(
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