4650 in Dell Dimension 5100

Hi, I was wondering if the Powercolor 4650 SCS would fit in my dell dimension 5100. I know power supply is enough, and I know it will "fit" in my pci e 16 slot, but there looks to be some small black cylindrical objects poking out from just above where the heatsink will be.


ps. i want a video card that is passively cooled, and this one will do all i need it to.
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  1. it will, i have the same case and stuck a 9800GT into my PC. I know people who have placed a 4870 into it, although with some modifications.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! My old video card recently bit the dust and I need a replacement so I can do some casual gaming when I get a chance. Hoping to get a new pc this fall and maybe make the ol Dell into an ugly HTPC.

    I was more concerned about the little black things on the mobo (i have no idea what they are actually called sorry) rather than the case.
  3. If anyone is curious, it fits, but the heat pipe may interfere with the plastic cover on the HSF. I had to gently bend the card (think U shaped) so that it fit in the slot while resting against the plastic cover. Keyword there was gently. Been working great so far, the cpu fan blows air over the cards heatsink and keeps it quite cool. Definitely a good upgrade for a 5 year old Pentium 4 @ 3.0 ghz, 1 GB RAM. Runs left 4 dead on high settings. Obvious bottleneck with the processor though.
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