I can't get my Nvidia Geforce 9600 GSO 512MB DDR3 PCIE HDCP Video Card

To show up on my computer.When i put it in the PCI slot the fan starts running but it is not loading up or any thing else.i have downloaded the driver for it but when i plug in my monitor it is not comming on.So if any one can help me i would be very greatfull.My computer is a Acer Aspire T180
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  1. what is your power supply (detailed info, make, model, amps on the rails)
  2. are you connecting the power from the psu to the card?
  3. oooh ^+1 i forget about simple questions like that
  4. really don't know about these things when i pluged the card in the fan started so thought the card had power.But if that is not the way it works then i have know clue any help with this would be very helpfull.Thanks
  5. Um did you shut the computer off first? I know its a stupid question but i have to ask.

    As for power, the pci-e slot does supply power to the card but not all that the GPU needs. on the end of the card there is a 6 pin power plug that needs to be accommodated by a cable from your PSU or by the adapter that was supplied with you GPU.


  6. FYI that card isn't nearly as good as its 384/768 mb brethren. Nvidia really gimped the new version.
  7. the only adapter that came with the card is a little small plug that plaug into a small slot ( not the 6 pin power slot ) and it comes off into to 2 single plugs that i have no idea where they go. Can u buy another power source and plug it into it and if so how many watts.
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