I5 760 OC Questions...

Hey guys, I'm currently planning on overclocking my i5 760.I know there are HEAPS of topics on this, but I’m not confident with overclocking based on someone else’s system. You guys are probably groaning as you read this having read another 200+ of them. (I have though read a lot of guides)
I really want to overclock this CPU SAFELY, without damaging it too badly. I'm hoping to get from the stock 2.80Ghz to a nice 3.60Ghz-3.80Ghz with Turbo to about 4.25hz.
I mainly use my PC for casual video editing and I am considering upgrading from 4GB 1600 Gkill Ripjaws to 8GB GSkill 1333 RAM because of quite a lot of program crashes. Will the slight difference in RAM Speed make much of a difference to the overclock potential?
I'm not exactly sure what type of cooler I would require and how much it would cost me - I've heard the CM 212+ is pretty good and it's a nice $33 here in Australia, so I'm leaning towards that one, would that be suitable for my overclocking goals?
How far could I actually go without upgrading the cooler at all?
Oh, and this is my first every time I’ve considered overclocking, so any tips that you have would be appreciated.

Intel Core i5 760
4GB GSkill Ripjaws 1600 RAM (to be upgraded to 8GB GSkill 1333 RAM)
Gainward GTS 450 Golden Sample (Stock OC)
Thermaltake V5 Lan-party Case
Antec Earthwatts 650W
Samsung 1TB 7200RPM (will be getting another 2TB WD Green later on)
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  1. you need something better than 212+ to reach 4.25ghz
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