I5-2500k overclocking question - turbo boost?

So I ordered an i5-2500k along with an MSI P67A-C43 (B3) board and am planning on doing some OCing on the CPU by increasing the multiplier. But I am a little confused about this whole "Turbo Boost" feature with the CPU. So let's say I increase the multiplier and OC to 4.3k from the factory 3.3k. Does this mean that turbo boost also goes up, now to 4.7k vs the 3.7k factory? Or does the fact that I OC'd the CPU to beyond the actual turbo boost setting, the 4.3k OC basically supercedes any turbo boosting, and the CPU will always stay at 4.3k and turbo boost will in effect be inactive?

Rest of system is Gigabyte GTX 570 OC, Gskill Ripjaws DDR3 2x4 PC3 12800, Antec 650 W PSU. I plan on mostly gaming at max settings 1080p like Shogun 2, Rift, Crysis 1,2 and in the future Skyrim, BF3, Arkham etc.
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  1. I'm a total noob at this but with my 2600k, whatever I set the multiplier to is what my ultimate speed will be under load. Right now I am at 44x at a BCLK of 103 and my top speed under load is 4533MHz with turbo enabled...
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