I want to make RAID O with 3 harddrive.Problem is that with the Sata controller adaptec 2610Sa installed the controller see the driver with the ciontroller bios but when try to installed the XP cann,t see or find the harddrive.what should I do what driver I need for that ,give me complete driver and technical help
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  1. first you need to download the drivers from the following page that are correct for your version of windows:

    you will need to extract the drivers to a floppy disk.

    Then when your booting up the windows install disk at the bottom of the screen at some point you will see "to install 3rd party drivers press F6" when you see that press F6 and insert the floppy disk with the drivers on it.

    Windows should find the drivers on the disk and you will have to confirm which drivers you want to load.

    after that windows should detect the drives
  2. Enigmavoice , Well finally I have resolved my with.I used a windows trufaster DVD which have all the SATA and RAID drivers for Adaptec 2610sa controller.Installed the XP and working.But When I checked with Crystal Disk Mark3 and Hd tune.My single Western digital 160gb AAJS is showing 78MB/Sec and the Raid is showing 45-60MB/sec.I am using 1 WD 160 GB AAJS and send Seagte 160GB drive.does the incompaiblity make the RAID so slow.Second I also used the SATA port 2-3 for Raid.Any suggestion reply
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