2600k overclocking help?

I had a 2500k and it tookme 5 mins to get a 100% stable 4.5ghz overclock. I just used a great guide off overclockers.net or somthing

someone tell me what i need to do to get a 100% stable overclock, i just want numbers for volts and multi. if i am correct 48x multi and some volt changes is stable at 4.8ghz correct?
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  1. Your chip may or may not reach the same overclock that some other people reach.

    Set it to the speed that you think will work, run prime95 for a couple of hours, monitor the CPU temperatures while running prime95. If everything is good so far then you can say it is good. Or if you are more cautious like some people you can let it run prime95 overnight.

    You can check the latest Toms system builder marathon $2000 build and see what they used to overclock their 2600k. (Or the $1000 build to see what they got with their 2500k).
  2. Like Cadder said your chip might not even be able to get to 4.8ghz.

    In regards to going higher than 4.5 ghz you will likely have to do a lot of tinkering with quite a bit of failure before finding the right settings.

    Peronsally, unless you need the extra 300 mhz I'd be happy with 4.5, it's still a hell of a processor at 4.5 ghz.
  3. I hit 4.5k ghz on the 2500k not the 2600k im having issues with this.
  4. You should hit 4.8GHz by setting your voltage to 1.4 and multiplier to 48. You can shoot for 5.0GHz by setting your voltage to 1.485 and multiplier to 50, but wouldn't recommend the 5GHz mark. Check out this video...

  5. @cia24 You really should not try to bypass the normal trial and error booting to discover what multiplier runs at what voltage as has already been stated each CPU is different, each hardware combination is different and yields different results.

    You don't want to run any higher voltage than absolutely necessary to run any multiplier level, short cutting this is dangerous, it takes time and effort to discover what you're after, a quick fix is not the best alternative.
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