I have an ADAPTEC SATA RAID 2610SA conroller.When I detect the drive in the controller and it say BIO installed.But when start the bootable CD and try to installed XP the Xp cannn,t find my RAID drives.So how I start and where will I find the drivers.why cann,t this ADAPTEC 2610sa have Sata Raid drivers.
.what should I do what driver I need for that ,give me complete driver and technical help thanks
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  1. first you need to download the drivers from the following page that are correct for your version of windows:

    you will need to extract the drivers to a floppy disk.

    Then when your booting up the windows install disk at the bottom of the screen at some point you will see "to install 3rd party drivers press F6" when you see that press F6 and insert the floppy disk with the drivers on it.

    Windows should find the drivers on the disk and you will have to confirm which drivers you want to load.

    after that windows should detect the drives
  2. Thanks I did that on first Sata ,but 2 things one my cards model is ADAPTEC SATA RAID 2610SA conroller, where as on the web site its 21610SA .Second I don,t have floppy but I will Integrate it directly on bootable cd .But anyway thanks I hope it will work if XP recognise the hardrive it will see a RAID aarray
  3. ahh yours is actually a Dell card then. Since you said Adaptec I assumed you just left out the 1
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