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Hi, I used to be able to play games like bf2 very well, without lag, but now the games just lag alot, I have checked to see if there are a lot of prosseses running at the same time, but there arnt, any ideas? by the way my computer was using alot of power in only a 300 watt psu (9600gt, amd athlon 64x2 2.30ghz cpu, 360 gb HD, 3gb ddr2 ram)
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  1. Undo any overclocking.
    Check the temperatures of the CPU using Speedfan and the Graphics card using GPUZ.
    You are loading the PSU very heavily and that could be the reason for the slowdown, is this a Dell computer?
  2. it could be that you got loads of **** on the HDD, I would do basic maintance first, like disk clean up and degrag. might help.....just think of a HDD like your room after a while it gets messy and than it slows teh computer down eftenuly it can casue stabitly problems
  3. Ok, will do, thanks
  4. What brand PSU? You will be surprised that a crappy PSU can degrade and begin giving serious issues....

    I don't think you're using the PSU too heavily however; I had a similar setup except with a 7950GT and used 185 watts or so when gaming.

    Do a disk cleanup and defrag if you haven't.
  5. thanks
  6. You say you don't have a lot of processes running . . . but nearly every time I look at a PC that's running slow, there's a ton of crap on it that runs at different times. Toolbars, p2p, games checking for updates and locking up the cpu until the connection is made, all kinds of crap, old virus scanners with expired subscriptions, a pair of dirty sox . . .

    Look there first, uninstall or cripple everything that wasn't there when it was new, and see what happens. By all means clean up unused files, Defrag, and check how close you are to filling up your C drive.

    It costs only your time and may save you the cost of a new psu that may not fix your problem.
  7. varlb001 said:

    you sorted now?

    cool, just some basic maintance don't hurt I know it can take a long time, but its best for stablity and performace.
  8. I went on to windows defender, software explorer and disabled the programs i dont need, i even found a couple of viruses lol, but is there any where else you need to go to disable programs?
  9. I used to delete the programs i dont want straight from the c drive, instead of using uninstall applications, could this be a reason?
  10. If they have registry entries that are trying to run then yes it will most likely impact the performance of the system as a whole.
  11. need some sort of registroy cleaner for like like sytem machinc or something.
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