Which Thermal paste is better?

Recently i bought the Hyper 212+ Cooler to overclock my Q6600 to 3.6 GHz :P .
The problem is that i donno which of the two heatsink compound i should use for the cooler? First one is Nexttech silicon base heat sink compound. It looks white like toothpaste. The second one is the one that comes with the hyper 212+ cooler. It doesnt have a name on it but it looks like dark gray substance. So anyone of you could help me know which one is better to use, then it willl be greatly appreciated. thanx.
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  1. Arctic Silver 5, readily available at your local radio shack.
  2. Arctic Silver Arctic Silver Arctic Silver Arctic Silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. TBH, AC5 isn't quite the leader it once was...don't get me wrong, it's still excellent goop. Arctic Cooling MX series is pretty standard. Skinnee Labs has a thermal paste comparison that only covers a handful, but a decent place to start. Regardless, you'll likely only see a 2-3C difference between most TIMs and that's IF you get perfect contact in testing each.

    Case airflow and fans will make a bigger difference overall vs. which thermal paste to use.

    BTW...I run the Q6600 as well on watercooling...I usually have it @3.4, but 3.6 at times. Great chip.
  4. MX-4, MX-3, TX-3, TX-2, IC Diamond are the best, for budget/performance, AS5.
  5. I don't think you guyz understood my question properly. What I want to know is which thermal paster is better in THE TWO THAT I ALREADY OWN. i have the nexttech silicon base heatsink compound and the one that comes with hyper 212 + . Dont suggest me any other thermal paster i just want to know which one of these two pastes is better to use? thnx.
  6. Sorry.

    The TIM that comes with the Hyper 212+ is good and can give you good temps, I'd go with it.
  7. yep i tend to go with the paste that comes with the parts.
    as they are pre-applied by machine to the rite thickness to give best performance.
    especially on recommended branded coolers.
    yes you can buy higher quality paste but often the difference is tiny as each application is made by hand so will give variable results.
    if your buying quality parts from say zalman, acrtic cool, thermaltake or any other reputable company then it really is a pointless exorcise.
    on the other hand if your buying budget parts from say akasa then by all means get the best paste you can afford as there paste is poor by any standard.

    so good products leave it.
    not so good replace it.
  8. I agree, AS5 sucks. It also takes 100 hours to cure.

    Get some TX2/3. Takes no cure.

    Not to mention he's asking about which of the two he already has you noobs, learn to read.

    But I would just use whats on the cooler you bought, your not going to notice maybe 1-2c no matter what you use anyways.
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