Wich Thermal paste is better to use?

Recently i bought the Hyper 212+ Cooler to overclock my Q6600 to 3.6 GHz :P .
The problem is that i donno which of the two heatsink compound i should use for the cooler? First one is Nexttech silicon base heat sink compound. It looks white like toothpaste. The second one is the one that comes with the hyper 212+ cooler. It doesnt have a name on it but it looks like dark gray substance. So anyone of you could help me know which one is better to use, then it willl be greatly appreciated. thanx.
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  1. im not a real expert at thermal compound but from what i notice on higher quality thermal compound they seem to be darker...Like the MX-4 or the Antec Formula 5 seems be darker then my Prolimatech thermal compound that came with my heatsink. So imo i'd go with the cooler master thermal grease
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    While this TIC comparison may be over a year-old, and although I am only linking the "enthusiast" page, it should give you a very good idea of what is best and what is not.
    Bear in mind that there may be only 2 or 3 degrees difference between "Enthusiast" and "Modest" pastes, and so, the average user would never discern the difference between them. So, either of the compounds you have mentioned should serve you well.

    I strongly suggest a full reading of the article, as it is both interesting and educational.
  3. The 212+ supplied paste is fine for the average user.
    I've used it for 3 different applications.
    Imo it does the job quite well.
    A higher quality paste might drop temps another 1-5C.
    I know because i have tubes of higher quality paste.
  4. Great case airflow will overcome any 2-3C differences between TIMs being used. Most people think that TIM and a cooler will make all the difference in the world with a new CPU cooler; not so. If you have poor case airflow to begin with, and don't address it with better fans, ventilation or even a new case, your 'shiny new cooler' won't be the magic bullet you think it will be. Yes, it might perform marginally better, but to get the full cooling capability, you'll want to feed it as much cool air as possible.
  5. ^+1, good point.
    ....with an addendum:
    you'll want to feed it as much cool air as possible Quietly.

    There is a point of diminishing returns for airflow, so we shoot for "enough".
  6. Correct, I agree with that statement. I just think case airflow is often overlooked and we just jump straight into 'you need to replace this cooler with this cooler and then use XYZ thermal paste'.

    There is a bigger picture here; and while I am in full support of cooler upgrades (what person wouldn't be??), often times the airflow is the leading culprit to the questionably high temps to begin with.

    Pull the side of the case, blow a house or desk fan on high into the case. Run benchmarks and note temps. If temps go down, you have a case airflow issue. If they stay the same, airflow is fine, and you can consider a different cooler if you want cooler temps.
  7. I would check if your heat sink has been pre-sanded, or roughed. I believe that the heat sink and just poured molds, so they are relatively smooth on the surface that contacts the CPU. I always sand my heat sink contact with a very fine grit sand paper before I apply the thermal paste. In theory it increases the heat sinks surface area and therefore increases surface thermal conductivity.
  8. You are referring to 'lapping' which also can help smooth out convex or concave coolers and the IHS of a CPU. If you are going to lap one, it's beneficial to lap the other so they mate well.
  9. Remember though, if you lap your CPU, your warranty is void.
  10. Technically, if you use an aftermarket CPU cooler, it is also void.
  11. Shin Etsu for solid immediate results. IC Diamond 24 carat for outstanding long term results. However the best thermal interface is that of precision Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI) "Indigo Xtreme". Which will blow all other manufactures away with it's outstanding characteristics. IC Diamond can be used on your gpu for the best long temp max load performance over Shin Etsu. It takes up to 2-3 days to fully cure. Good Luck!
  12. thank you all for th answers
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  14. Thank you, I appreciate it, and I am pleased to have helped.
    Have fun now! :)
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