GA-P55M-UD4 build issues II

I am working on a new build that I have been having issues with detailed in my previous post here:

I RMAed the motherboard (GA-P55M-UD4) and graphics card (GTX260 Core216) and received the replacements recently. Upon installing the motherboards with an older graphics card, I was able to boot up the computer and load my install of Win7 RC with no problem. I then put the GTX260 into the motherboard, and after starting the computer, it rebooted during boot sequence, and then would not output any video signal. This is a similar problem to what is outlined in the previous post. The new graphics card was still in a retail package from EVGA, and did not appear to be a refurbished model. The fan on the board is working, so I assume it is getting some power. I placed the video card on the 8x PCIE slot, and that, too, will not output a video signal. Now when I exchange the new card for the older one, that was working previously, there is still no video signal.

The computer appears to be working correctly. It boots, and I get no error beeps, just no video output. Any ideas what may be the culprit here? Looks like the graphics card again somehow fried my PCIE slots! I previously ran memtest on the memory overnight with no problems, so I do not believe the memory is at fault. I am thinking it may be a power supply issue? I have cleared CMOS and that did not appear to work.

Thanks for any more possible help
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  1. Sorry, here are other system specs:
    Corsair HX520 power supply
    2x2GB Corsair DDR3 1600 CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 (at 1.64V when computer booted correctly)
    Western Digital 1TB Black drive
  2. Did EVGA noticed this issue? Maybe ask EVGA for some technical advices would be a nice way to do so.
  3. In your other thread it appears you had it working with the old video card. Does the old one work in either of the video slots? If so, try updating the BIOS again. They released another new version (F4l):

    It's dated 6-Nov but I think they just put this out there today. I upgraded my P55M-UD2 yesterday and I see it has another new version dated 6-Nov that was not there yesterday! I was told by another forum member that one of the recent updates contained fixes for PCIe but unfortunately have not more details then that. Wish they were more clear about what the upgrade was intended to fix.

    Another thought, could it be monitor problems?
  4. Over the weekend I did put in my cheap graphics card to check if that would work, and it did! After that I tried the GTX260 in the board and now that is working as well. I have no idea what the problem was, or if it may show up again at some point in the future. For now though, I was able to install Win7 64 with no problems, and did a little 3d gaming and did not appear to have any issues. I probably need to stress the videocard for a while to make sure there are no issues. I am still a little worried that it is some sort of voltage issue, either with the memory or with the PCIE slot and new controller for the P55 chipset. Hopefully these newer BIOS releases will stomp out any of the issues I had been experiencing. I will install this latest BIOS release tonight.

    Thanks for all the help
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