Core i7 920 @ 3.33Ghz - Stock Cooling?

Hi everyone,

I need some advice on CPU cooling. First off, here's the link to my original thread for this build. I'm looking to overclock to 3.33Ghz, as recommended here.. The relevant parts are as follows: Core i7 920, Asus P6T SE, Antec Sonata Designer, Antec Earthwatts 500. Is the stock Core i7 sufficient for this overclock? Or should I spend a little more on a better cooler? I'm already planning on mounting a second fan in the front of the case for extra air intake.

Also, I've heard that the push-pin system used by Intel is a bit of a nightmare, anyone know of anything easier? I want this build to be a well rounded machine which doesn't make itself unwelcome in the living room, so quite is important.

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  1. what graphics card and I think it would make it to 3.33ghz on the stock cooler if it's a D0 but you'd get quite high temps too.
  2. The graphics card is an 8800GT from my previous build. What do you mean by D0?
  3. D0 is the stepping, it fixes some problem's and lower's heat output. and the PSU will do fine with the gfx card.
  4. After a little more research it looks like I might be best off running the CPU at stock until some more reasonable socket 1366 coolers come out. The i7 920 at stock really ought to be fast enough for me at the moment.

    Also, how would I know if the processor I'm buying is the D0 stepping or the older C0 model? Are they all D0 by now?
  5. Meh I wouldn't do it. You might be able to, but you would be running pretty hot. I have a coolermaster 690 case, which is much better ventilated than your case. I have the C0/C1 stepping i7 920 and when I OC'd to 3.0ghz on stock cooling, I was getting low 80's C for my temps, which is pretty hot, too high for my tastes. I would get an aftermarket cooler, they really aren't that expensive and your chip will last much longer if it has better cooling.
  6. no reason not to save/spend $40 on a xigy dark knight...they're outstanding performers --
  7. I was looking at the dark knight, but I'm not too sure if that will fit the case. How is it in terms of noise?

    Also, any suggestions for thermal compound? Is arctic silver still the way to go?
  8. I have heard that disabling hyper threading can lower your temps. Also no you cant overclock that CPU to 3.33GHz on stock cooling, not a chance. Unless you have like an air condition blowing in to your PC (don't do that). The heat will cause the computer to blue screen. The Noctua is currently one of the best (if not the best) cpu cooler on the market.

    I am sure you can manage to get it into your case somehow (maybe keeps the side panel off?)
  9. I think it would fit in the sonata III, that case is fairly wide.
  10. Just measured, the dark knight is 16cm high and the Sonata is 21.5cm wide. With the motherboard tray it will be bit tight but should be do-able.

    Thanks PhilipV, but the Noctua is probably a bit much for my needs, and I might need a hack saw to fit it into the case.
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