Oh No, I think I broke it

Well, here's the story from the start. I bought a PII 965be 2nd hand as part of a complete overhaul of my rig about 7 months ago and it has done just fine at 3.4 with the stock cooler. a week ago I got a coolermaster hyper 212 plus and another 4gb of ram making 8gb and upgraded to 64bit os. I figured why not see what the cpu can do? everything in the computer is built to be overclocked so i cracked out the asus auto-overclocking utility and let it do it's thing. well it got to 3970 mhz and locked up so I set it at a hair under 3700, stress tested it with prime95 and watched temps for a couple of days and everything was sweet.
well a week later, (yesterday) it got a pretty pattern all over the screen and bluescreened. oops. so I opened the bios did a "restore default settings" and restarted. 30 mins later it does the same thing - at stock speeds. so I do a complete reinstall(ok not complete, I didn't format and I have the windows.old folder on the c: drive) incase it corrupted something on the hard drive but it still does it - it's guaranteed to lock up 5-45 mins after booting.
this doesn't seem right. I NEVER overheated it, I was very fussy about that it never really went over 55*c.

my rig
Phenom II 965 BE
8gb kingston hyperx 1600 mhz
M4A87TD usb3
Windows 7 64 bit
boot hdd (old lappy hdd)
backup samsung spinpoint f3 1tb

I guess the question is what now? what is likely the problem? am I gonna have to fork out for another cpu? or ram? or mobo?

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  1. check whats causing the bsod
  2. Seems like a graphics related issue to me.But is possible you might have overheated the NB or SB.Were you watching those temps too?

    Are you sure your RAM voltage is right?It should be on auto because by default this board supports 1600mhz but try to set it to the manual voltage,see if that cures it.
    Also,try taking out 2 sticks of RAM so that you have 4G total.See if that works too.
  3. May just be a bad install. Backup your stuff externally, and do a low level format, then reinstall.

    Also, I see your recycleing an old HDD, it may have died.
  4. crappy power supply?
  5. Did you set the voltage your self or run on auto. and did you find out what the safe voltage was for this chip. You may have gave it to much voltage and now the chip is degraded and locking up on you.

    Also the fact that it was second hand Chip the previous owner may have crapped it out then sold it to you.
  6. sorry I havn't replied I have been busy at work and the problem took a back burner for a while.
    my power supply is a corsair tx650w.

    basically I am trying to get everything back to what it was cause it ran fine for 6 months till I tried to overclock it. I am suspecting the cpu cause it runs ok if I disable cores 2,3 and 4 and crashes every few days if I run 1 and 4 but as soon as I re enable the others it crashes pretty regularly.

    the bsod says something about a memory dump where would I find that?

    about over volting it, I know auto overclocking utilitys aren't the best performing but I kinda assumed they wouldn't hurt anything.
    and I wasn't watching the north/south bridge temps.
    I tried removing the brand new ram but it didn't seem to help so I put it back in.
    I will try a reinstall with a proper format.
    I went to the bios and selected restore factory defaults (or whatever it's called) that should reset EVERYTHING shouldn't it?
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  8. I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! I'm so stoked lol. I put an old 486 cpu fan on the north bridge and it hasn't crashed since I did it a few days ago.
    basically the old heatsink blew waste air over the northbridge which was enough to cool it but the new tower cooler doesn't.
    Turns out my mobo doesn't have temp sensors on the north/south bridges which is why I never saw anything out of the ordinary.

    A big thumbs up to Asus for building a motherboard that can take the abuse of overheating the northbridge to the point of seizing the system close to 100 times and still be running sweet again with proper cooling. I'm genuinely impressed.

    And to you guys as well for your help. you're legends.
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