How high should I go?

Hello, totally new here, so please forgive me any silly questions.

My computer is about 4 years and a few months now and he starts to have some little, but very annoying problems. A few months ago my PS gave up on me, so I bought a new one (550W) and now it seems that my graphics card seem to get a life on its own. At least that's what I think, could be the motherboard as well. Planning to switch it with the one in my brother's pc later this week.

The problem seems to be that sometimes at POST the friendly ASUS woman tells me "System failed VGA test". Other times it starts up just fine, but when listening to music for example and starting a simple browser or so the music starts to hang a bit. Tried some possible solutions as well found on the internet, but so far no luck.

Anyway, for the real problem, if it seems that I need to buy a new card, how high should I go. Of course I would like the best, but for the lowest price. I came across this site and saw the comparisons of graphic cards for this month and all. I was thinking of buying Two GeForce GTX 260 (Core 216) cards in SLI Configuration. This made me thinking though. First of all, according to the ASUS website I would have to buy (again) a PS with a higher wattage. And second question, is the rest of my pc powerful enough to get the most out of the graphic card.
Not sure what you all need, but here are some specs which might be useful:
Motherboard: ASUS P4 G800-E Deluxe
2GB Dual core Ram
PS: 550W
Anything else you need to answer my question?

Kind regards
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  1. Since I don't seem to be allowed to edit my own post somehow I'll have to make an adjustment on the facts via a reply.

    The motherboard is: P5ND2-SLI Deluxe

    Sorry about this..
  2. well, disregard the rant you saw if you saw it

    need to know your cpu, though i can already tell you that PSU isn't enough fpr 2 GTX260's, for that you should get a corsair 750TX
  3. can you give us more detial on the spec of oyur PC, like powersupply brand, your current CPU and GPU etc?
  4. +1 for the Corsair 750 watter, you can't go wrong with one of those regardless of the rest of your kit.
  5. It wasn't to long ago that I was trying to help someone with a PSU problem. He and I both had 500W PSU. His however didn't have any form of PFC, was only ">70%" efficient, and had a single 6 pin PCIe plug. My 500W PSU (the Antec EA500.) has PFC, is 80%+ efficient, and has two 6 pin PCIe plugs. Same wattage, very different specs. Just because you have a 550W PSU doesn't mean its great. We have no idea what PSU you have, no idea what CPU your running, heck, we don't even know what GPU you have. I would love to say you're having a PSU problem, be we have no idea what your system is made up of.
  6. Ha, so this is how a real noob feels.

    CPU: Pentium D 830 SL885 (3.0Ghz/800MHz)
    PSU: X-Power GTX Light 580

    Hope you have it all now, and sorry for before.
    And of course thanks so far.
  7. it could be a powersupply problem, i for one never heard of that one :o did you pay much for if you don't mind me asking, as cheap powersupplys like going pop and taking things with it >_>
  8. Hmm, "xpower"? I'd start looking at the PSU. Check the event viewer to see if there is anything there. If possible, borrow a PSU from a friend and see if that helps. I would guess a PSU problem, but I'm not sure.
  9. ^+1 if so buy a new powersupply,

    I would the following Be quiet, PC power and cooling, corsiar, tagan, thermlatke (their tough powers are good) can't rember anymore maybe some can add to that.

    all you need is something like a corsair HX520 should be more than enough
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