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  1. $2500 US?

    wait for the hexacore i7's and a nice 30" monitor should take about $1000 off of your budget or a 28" LCD for $340.
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  3. 1) hexacore i7, 6 cores, 12 threads, comes out in Q1 2010

    2) well 30" of 16:9 goodness with a 2560x1600 4MP screen, No TV in your price range is going to beat it but you'll need a couple of good graphics cards so two 4890's or the 58xx series if you build next year.
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  6. If u want a screen go for Samsung 2343BW, it's 249€ and has DVI and VGA connectivity. It's excellent for watching movies and working with documents and 3D modeling since it has a 2048 x 1152 Pixel Resolution.
    Other then that, at your budget you can choose whatever parts u want. I personally wouldn't mix i7 with an Nvidia graphics card since they have a performance hit together but other then that...
  7. CPU: i7 920

    Motherboard: X58-UD3R (budget),ASUS P6T (mid), X5-UD5 (high end, 3-SLI)
    Note: X58-UD3R can do both SLI/CrossFire with a BIOS update.

    RAM: Any good brand (OCZ, GSkill, Corsair,etc) DDR3 1333 3*2GB (6GB total)

    Case: Antec 900, CM HAF 932, Antec 1200, or any other case you like that has enough space

    HDD: 2*640GB in RAID for data
    300GB WD Velociraptor for OS

    GPU: ATI 4890

    Total of that should be about $900-1200 USD or so. With your budget you could spend the rest on a very nice LCD (30" ($800+)or 22-24"($250+) if you don't have space/money).

    You may also want to consider a nice water cooling system for the CPU and/or GPU if your interested in that.

    Also get a x64 OS. You can ger the free Win 7 RC and upgrade the OS later this year. Also if you don't have an external back up system spend money on that too.
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  9. ^Water cooling is not required at all, but the option is there considering your budget. A good air cooler (like TRUE 120, S1283,V8) will be fine for you
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  11. ^Right. For good fans (in terms of CFM vs. noise) take a look at Yate Loon(best) or Scythe (good).

    As for the GPU, it really depends on the resolution and the game. Some games run better on the X2 cards and/or some games don't change much in terms of performance. Take a look at some game benchmarks for CoD4,Crysis,FarCry,etc and see.

    Imo, I would personally wait till July as the new i5 CPUs should be out.
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  14. Quote:

    Case: Antec Twelve Hundred
    PSU: Antec TruePower Quattro
    Mainboard: GigaByte GA-EX58-EXTREME
    CPU: Intel Core i7-920
    RAM: Corsair 6 GB DDR3-1600 Tri-Kit
    GPU:Sapphire Radeon 4870x2
    HDD: Western Digital WD10EADS (1TB)
    Dvd Writer: Samsung SH-S223Q

    Scythe Floppydrive + Cardreader
    D-Link DWA-140 (Wireless USB stick)
    Logitech Z-2300 2.1
    Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

    Looks good. Imo, unless you game quite a lot you could reduce costs with a single 4850/4870 OR 4770 in CrossFire which is better than a single 4890. Providing that the 4890 is only a little less performance than 4870X2 you are better off (more bang for buck) with the 4770.
  15. wooah... what price range exaclty? 500usd or 2500usd?

    and are you going to OC? and to what amount?
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  18. case and PSU: antec 1200 + 1000W antec quattro $319.98

    GPU: Sapphire HD 4770 512mb x 2 = $104.99 x2 = $209.98

    CPU and cooler: intel i7 920 + Noctua nH-u12P $344.98

    HDMI cable and thermal paste: gold plated hdmi-hdmi + AS5 thermal compund $13.98

    HDD: WD Caviar Black 750gb $79.99

    RAM + motherboard: ddr3 3 x2gb OCZ platinum 1600mhz cl7 + asus p6t X58= $322.98

    LCD: 24" LG FULL HDMI 1920x1080 p $299.99 (u can get bigger & less quality for cheaper if u want)

    TOTAL (excluding post/rebates): $1591.88 USD

    NB: you could cut down on PSU and monitor, and u could up the GPU and mobo if u wanted
  19. ^Realize that the OP said he lives in Europe so Newegg prices and their prices are not even close. The European prices are almost always .7-1.5x higher. I realized this after checking some of the European specific stores.

    @OP: Are you talking about CrossFire 4870 or the dual GPU 4870(aka 4870X2). I am thinking you are talking about the dual GPU 4870. Also input lag won't be too much of an issue unless you are playing pro imo. Even with a 6-7ms response rate I can usually place in the top 4 for COD4 and Halo CE. Resolution detail (higher = better sniping etc) plays a much better role in your performance in a game assuming there won't be network/GPU lag. Also a good mouse plays a very important role in fps. I use a G5 (2nd one btw, first G5's middle button(scroll) started to lag from abuse lol)
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  21. Quote:
    it's also your own capability to see things before they happen

    True that.

    As for the GPU mind linking me to it?
  22. if ur gonna OC it, then u probably will want to get one like a said... unless its only 3.3ghz or less... otherwise ur temps will go WAY up...

    with that case + the CPU cooler, ur sure to get good temps
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  24. ^Yup, looks good. I was worried cause I didn't know if the brand you chose was reputable. Build looks good! Go for it!
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  26. ^Just grab some dust filters. Imo, it's not a good idea to put a PC inside a fully enclosed cabinet.
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  28. ^Yes, the 1200 comes with filters
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  31. Have you thought about a air filter for the room? Worked for me in my basement. Just have to get good quality one and it should work very well.
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  33. Quote:
    air filter; a machine you mean?

    don't those add an electric current to dust etc. ? If so, won't that be more dangerous for your computer than dust itself?

    Yes, I was talking about the machine. It will not damage the PC in any way (unless you physically put it INSIDE the PC case). If you just leave it in a corner a few feet away from the PC you'll be fine. I have been using one for about 2 years now and it works well.
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  35. ^Yes. Btw, the basement room that I work in (have PCs in) is only about 225 sq feet. And I use this one:

    Managed to get it for $110 during a sale.
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  37. OCing:

    Best one I found that's specific to your board:
    lol, it's by Gigabyte itself!

    Only change I would make: Use Prime95 Small FFT insted of the program they used. Also stress test for 6+hrs. And OC in the BIOS only. DO NOT use EasyTune to OC. Also if you installed DES (Dynamic Energy Saver) software provided with the board un install it.
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  39. ^The pumps don't provide enough air, as in the air flow is quite slow for a pump. Here is the US I can get a 3 pack for ~$10 and each can can last for 2-3 full cleanings of an Antec 900.
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  41. ^ Good luck then. :lol:
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  45. HSF: XIGMATEK S1283 with i7 bolt in kit.
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