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OCZ vertex 2


Just put a new system together and i'm using a OCZ vertex 2. How do i know if i'm getting the most out of this thing?
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    You should see a 7.6 or better in the WEI for primary hard disk. Also you can use this benchmarking tool:

    It is the only benchmark I would run as the ones made for mechanical hard drives are not good for SSDs.
  2. thanks,

    i have a 7.7 in the disk transfer rate score

    i used a benchmarking tool called ATTO, the speeds were approaching what they should be
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  4. I'm aslo running an OCZ VertexII. However, I'm seeing a 7.2. After running installing PC Tools peformance tool kit, I ran the fixs and did another performance test via WEI and ended up with the 7.7.

    However, since then, I decided to try a defrag and have never been able to get a 7.7 again. I'm back to 7.2. I even reinstalled Windows..

    Any help would be appreciated
  5. I am not 100% positive but I seem to recall reading a review or article which suggested defragmenting a solid state drive is not a good idea.
  6. No you should NEVER defrag an SSD. As an SSD treats all data as equal there is no way for it to get fragmented.
  7. I understand, but are we talking permanent damage here or a problem that can be rectified with a reformat???

  8. It will not damage it but it will actually decrease the life expectancy of a SSD because there are only so many writes per cell before failure. It should not matter to your WEI ( a bad benchmark if there ever was one ). Just use that ATTO program to make sure your read writes are correct. A full SSD will slow down just like a full mechanical HDD though.
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