Nvidia Graphic Card compatible with my system?

I am looking for Nvidia Graphic Card compatible with my system?

The Configuration is:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53 Ghz (E7200)
System RAM: 2 GB DDR2 667 Mhz
Motherboard: Intel DG33FB Classic Series
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  1. Yes
  2. Please help out and reply with good Nvidia Graphic Card compatible with my system configuration that i gave above?
  3. PSU and budget?
  4. Which powersupply do you have?
    How much money can you spend on the new card?
    Where are you? Not all cards are available worldwide.
  5. I am thinking of buying Nvidia Geforce 250 GTS or GTX 260.... which one is good?

    My budget is around $200.... Is ATI have a good collection in my budget and comparable with above two?

    I have 200-240v PSU.... So many people told me to change it but which and for how much supply ??

    Reply back but keep remember to consider my system configuratio also so graphic card support it...
  6. @ id37878: The GTX260 and 1Gb HD4870 are both on Newegg for under $200.
    I would not say one is better than the other and both are faster than the GTS250.
    I would look for cards made by: XFX, EVGA and BFG, they have the best warranties.
    Please tell us the make and model of your powersupply: It should be on a label on the unit itself, also the output on the +12v line or lines.
  7. this is what your looking for

    the pic shows the amps and ratings of that powersupply unit tell us what your powersupply says, it should state it someware on it
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