Is it worth upgrading my GTX 295?

Is it worth upgrading my GTX 295 to a GTX 580 or 590? My laptop has a 5870 and i can barely tell the difference between DX10 and DX11...Right now on my desktop i play with a 1920x1080 res. Most of the games i play is BC2, Shogun 2 and Blackops and blackops and bc2 i get around 60fps plus and Shogun 2 around 25-30fps on full settings with the GTX 295. Also it seems like alot of the new games that are coming out are console ports. Only game i can think of that needs a GTX 580 or 590 is Metro 2033 or BF3. I don't know im confused lol...I just built my system and the only old thing thats kinda old is my gpu..But at the same time it handles everything i throw at it...Or should i just upgrade to a SSD instead?
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  1. i prever GTX 580 more stable , see many review in conclusion & recommend, but it depend on Budgjet and system bottleneck or not
  2. A mobile 5870 is not much, if at all, more powerful than a GTX 295. Going from a 295 to a 570 or 6970 would be a big boost; going to a 580/590 or 6990 would be a major jump.

    I personally couldn't stand 25-30 FPS, so if Shogun was a major part of your gaming life I'd go for a more powerful GPU. Personally I'd get a 570 or 580.

    You are right that most games are just console ports ATM, but I play a few that actually like harder hitting hardware like STO, Bad Company 2 (at maximum settings), and a few others. I also remain optimistic that in the future a revival of computer gaming will hit, so I would rather be ready now then upgrading later... but we'll see :??:
  3. Well i think Shogun doesn't use SLI yet.
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