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I know it's near impossible to beat the quality of Corsair, I only buy their RAM, but in my case right now, I'm looking at saving around $40-60 on my new build using a Cooler Master over a Corsair. Is Cooler Master a good brand for power supplies? I've heard some mixed thoughts from articles I've read, so I'd like everyone else's opinion.
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  1. Depends on the model. jhonyguru's done some testing of the high end CoolerMaster PSUs and they are decent. But, imo, their low-mid range PSUs are cr@p.

    This one had mostly good reviews, and it's modular. Do you know anything about it?
  3. save some an get ocz
  4. I'm buying this today, no exceptions. I can't save anymore because I need to build this before school.
  5. ^No luck. Go Corsair, that's one of the mid range CoolerMaster.

    Her's a OCZ 600W for $50 after MIR:

    Mind listing specs? I doubt you need full 600W. I think you may be able to use a 550VX or may be even a 400CX depending on specs.
  6. It would help if you listed your pc components. Right now it is impossible to determine anything without any additional information.

    You pretty much answered your own question when you posted that reviews of the CoolerMaster power supplies are mixed.
  7. Well, I'm going to be using a Phenom II X4 955, and an XFX 4870. Eventually I might Crossfire, which means I might need a whole new psu anyway since it only has 2 pci-e connectors. I already ordered it anyway, the combo deal was too good to pass up, if it's DOA I'll send it back and get a corsair or something.
  8. A high quality 500 - 500 watt power supply can easily handle a system with a single video card. In some configurations it may be even be sufficient to handle two video cards.

    The 4870 cards are not very power hungry. A system with two of them will use about 295 watts at load. Some charts show lower power consumption. A discrepancy of 40 watts is seems to be normal due to differences in test and measurement criteria.
  9. Well, I have no doubt the wattage is enough, but the Pci-e power cables are not enough. I have two on the PSU I ordered, and I would need 4 to power two 4870s. I've heard of adapters, but I'm not sure. I'll probably end up buying another PSU hen upgrade time comes along, it would add about $120 onto the price, which I view as acceptable if I can get a good job going.
  10. Check to see if the video card you want comes with a power cable adapter. Most new cards come with them. I just bought a new XFX video card today and it came with a cable adapter, DVI to HDMI adapter, DVI to VGA adapter, S video to Component video adapter, and a Crossfire ribbon bridge. No need to purchase any adapters.
  11. i think that one is actually pretty nice, it's 80 plus which is always a good indactor on quality and it does have good review (on newegg at least)
  12. Yeah that's what I was thinking, I already ordered it anyway, gets here on the 27th. Can't wait! :]

    Johnny, It comes with come adapters, like the Crossfirex stuff, but no no 6 pin power adapters. I'll look around my room for some cable lying around, but if not, I'll either buy some, or wait til I upgrade to get a new power supply. Who knows, one card might be enough!
  13. In terms of quality for Corsair, some models are made by ChannelWell (CWT) while other models are made by Seasonic.

    Channelwell has a reputation for decent to good quality products.

    Seasonic has a reputation for good to excellent quality products.
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