How do you know if your overclock is stable?

I plan to overclock my computer to 4.5 ghz. I have intel 2500k, asus p8p67 pro and 8 gig 1600 ram. my first step is overclock to 4.0 ghz and making sure it is stable before I am moving forward.

my question is how do i know if it is stable. what software should I use.

another question about cpu temp. I am using real temp 3.67. when I am doing my daily stuff. temp are "25, 20, 30, 33", I think this is good, I am using coolmaster hyper 212 plus. But, when I test my system using prime95, temp jumps to 47-53. Is that acceptable? I didnt even overclock my system yet, I m worried that after I overclock it, my hyper 212 plus cannot handle it.
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  1. For quick checks of stability I use Intel Burn Test which stresses your system greater than Prime95, and using it for just 30-60 minutes will tell you as much/if not more than Prime95 for 24 hrs. Download and run 5 runs of IBT; if OK go 10, then again 20. If you fail, then not stable and adjustments needed. If you don't fail but your temps are too high, more adjustments are needed. If everything is OK, then you can try Prime95 for 24 hrs, but in my experiences with 20 passes OK on IBT, your system is A-OK.

    I think those temps are OK for a stock SB processor; just watch your temps as you start overclocking.
  2. 12 hours or more using stress test program like y-cruncher, LinX, prime95 or OCCT.

    How much did you ran prim95 at stock speed?
  3. I have i5-3570k and OCed to 4.5 the other night. I stressed it using AIDA64 and my temps were perfectly fine. When I ran IBT for 10 runs I got the "Success!" message at the end :). My only worry is that my temps are too high when I used IBT. My mobo is a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H with a CM Hyper 212 Plus attached to CPU. Is there any way that I can ensure my system will be stable and keep the same OC but lower my temps when running IBT?
  4. realistically you probably won't encounter a situation where your computer will be stressed as it is during IBT so as long as it passes with temps that aren't unsafe you should be perfectly fine.
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