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I am going to be installing windows 7 onto 4 1TB hard drives in raid 0 and I also have a 500GB drive that that will be in the system. All 5 drives are 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s

Would I be better off putting the windows swap file on the raid with the windows install or moving it over to the single 500GB drive, or is there another way that I would be better off setting it all up?

I only care about performance, I do alot of video editing and gaming. All of my important data is backed up nightly on a file server.
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    If all you care about it performance, then put the swapfile on the Raid which has faster read/write for large chunks. Also, put a spit-load of memory in the system so it doesn't have to use the swapfile at all.

    +1 for "All of my important data is backed up nightly on a file server." A Raid 0 setup is 4 times as vulnerable to failure as a single disk. (Well, actually, if the probability of failure of one drive in time T is PfT, then the probability of failure of at least one of four in time T is [ 1 - ((1 - PfT)^^4]), which is pretty close to four times PfT but ever so slightly less when PfT is small.)
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