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Hi, I was just wondering what kind of graphics card I should be looking for in order to play The Sims 3? I get the "need Pixel Shader 2.0" error currently and need to upgrade my card. I've got a pretty old computer with only PCI slots. Thanks to anyone and everyone!
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  1. Dropping $50 for a decent PCI card now would be your best bet, as you wouldn't need another one until you upgrade to a newer computer.
    I will recommend this --

    If you are looking to only play The Sims 3, this one is $31 after MIR.

    Edit: It seems like the last two 8200's that were shipped were DOA, you may have to RMA it for a working one, but this usually isn't the case.

    The 6200 will play on medium settings at best.
  2. Thanks so much! I'll look into both of them
  3. 325ryan said:
    Thanks so much! I'll look into both of them

    Ryan, were either of these successful? I'm getting the same error message and don't know what to do!
  4. hello i was wondering if i have the right things my graphics card is a 256mb and i have a 1g ram will the sims 3 work on my 256mb graphics card?????
  5. What card is it?
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