Bios for my hp dv6775us

Hey guys i just joined the forums and was having a problem with a friends hp laptop. here are all the specs i can gather

Model: hp dv6775us
system board id: 30d2
processory type: intel core 2 duo
bios version: f.33

So heres the problem the computer boots up to the hp splash screen and stays their . if i press any key it will go in to the setup utility but will only have a main tab which displays specs on the computer. if I leave it at the spalsh screen it will eventually go to the bios setup utility. I figured i needed to flash my bios so i go to hp's website only to find that they only have the bios in a winflash version (where you need to be in the windows os to flash the bios) what can i do ?

-riyad yar
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  1. Check for a fast boot setting in the bios, and enable it. Also clean up your hardrive. I use ie privacy keeper, a free download, or the windows clean disk program.
  2. the on tab i see is the main tab and the only thing i can click on in that tab is the diagnostic logs
  3. Don't use a USB mouse. BIOS F.33A was released to resolve an issue with using a USB mouse while trying to flash the BIOS.

    Otherwise, a BIOS update is not going to solve your problems. It sounds like there may be a hardware or software issue.
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