QPI Link Data Rate wich is the lowest setting?


just made my OC i am just curious about the QPI Link Data Rate option most guides say to put the lowest setting wich fot me is 5774MT/s although I have an Core I7 920 with a standard QPI Link Data Rate of 4.8 GT/s. I know that sometimes in some mobos to choose the lowest setting one have to choose auto others one choose the lowest number, Wich one you guys think that I should choose for an Asus P6T?
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  1. My OC is @ 3.2, If I choose Auto perhaps sometimes the mobo can choose more then 5774 MT/s for stability sake and that is not good, right?
  2. The problem with the Auto setting is that you don't know which speed the mainboard chooses on its own. It won't actually vary the setting while in use -- it will pick one and keep it there.

    When overclocking, it's best to keep QPI and other such links as close to their rated speed as possible. Use whatever setting gets you closest to the board's rated 4.8GT/s.
  3. "It won't actually vary the setting while in use -- it will pick one and keep it there."

    Are you sure? I read somewhere that Auto in some voltages probably in high OC´s selected in load high voltages not considered necessary which only contributed for more heat and energy cos.t I remember the author said he would prefer setting it to a fix number so he could know and control which settings was on.
  4. CPU voltage is different. That can vary based on how much load is placed on the processor. On those, the Auto setting will add extra (possibly unnecessary) voltage to maintain stability.

    Speeds of QPI and HyperTransport and other system links won't change during use if set to Auto. The bad thing is that you don't know what the board will choose for the setting. If you want to keep it near a certain speed, you have to set it manually.
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