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I posted a couple of weeks ago and since then my build has tollay changed and generally got more expensive (an extra £20 here and 30 there).

So here is my new build which i will by as soon as i find a decent case.

i7 920 CPU
Asus p6t deluxe v2
Corsair 750 TX PSU
Corsair dominator PC12800 6 gb ram
LG combo Blue ray drive
Vista Premium 64 bit
Raptor 10K 73gb boot drive

I will be buying from lambdatek, scan, novatech & ccl (each have cheaper elements) it will prob be just 2 out of the 4.

What i really am stumped on is the case.

I need low noise (not silent - but its in my front room 12 foot away from seating area)
good cooling - air flow
Look stylish not gaudy
be up to £100 a smidge more if pushed

I was looking at lian li B25 blue ring - hardly any stock and about £50 over what i wantted to pay.

I went i7 instead of Q9550 which took the extra out of the budget

Feel free to advise on any of the other components - good bad or indifferent.

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  1. The raptor hard disk is older technolgy and not any faster than a wd black series , samsungs 320 , 640 and terabyte drives or the equivalent seagate .

    You can save money right there and have much more storage .

    Gaming case antec 300 or 900

    quiet case antec p182 antec sonata , nzxt hush
  2. I have to agree about the hard drive. Its too small for todays computing. You need the speed is there but not much more than todays 7200's for the price.

    As for the case, i would also look at the Cooler Master HAF 932 full tower ^_^. The NZXT 2 also has massive air cooling...i have the NZXT 1.
  3. the 73 gb was to boot the operating system from (thinking of partitioning and loading 2 on the drive - windows 7 eventually)

    i was going to get more storage later when more money falls into my lap

    i presumed that the 10K rpm ran quicker than the 7200 thats why i was using for the os - i will look into the newer releases
  4. the raptor was faster 2 years ago . Today its just poor value .

    if you want a boot drive then use a 320 gig single platter samsung
  5. Not saying you don't have to get it, but the raptors really didn't offer much for the consumers according to several test sites. I don't think many people have raptors at one that i know at least. Now we have the SSD's and they have been proven to offer blazing speeds...although they are still expensive and very new.

    Its really up to you, but i don't think the raptors are worth it in terms of price/quality.
  6. i like the P 182 case and the nzxt 2 not the cool master much though

    i discounted the p 182 for some reason not sure why now - going round in circles

    going to look at samsung drives - how do you tell a new generation drive from the descriptions - response times etc?
  7. If you think that the Cooler Master HAF 932 is extremely ugly (like I do, no offense though) then you can check out these full towers:

    Antec 1200 - Good Cooling

    Cooler Maser Cosmos S - Looks

    Cooler Master Stacker 830 Evolution - Great Cooling (New black version, looks much better)

    If you are not into the full towers you can look at these mid towers:

    Antec 300 (simplistic, good airflow)

    Antec 900 (better airflow, sidewindow)

    Antec 900 2 (same as 900 but looks like the mid tower version of the 1200)

    Oh and pretty much any Lian Li case is good (from what I have heard from others) I also don't recommend the raptops, old technology with a higher price and very little benefits (in some cases they run slower). Also since they are 10k RPM instead of 7.2k RPM I am pretty sure they will be louder.
  8. The stackers rip man...but they are heavy ^_^ I really want one...
  9. I also want one but its just.. I like my cases straight, sort of like the Antec 1200 - which I plan to get. I could try and put 4 intake fans on the Antec 1200 side panel, never tried anything like that before though. Oh and I am not a fan of a door for a case, seems kinda dumb to me.
  10. Cooler Master Stacker 830 Evolution - a bit rich for me
  11. the good news is that what ever i get it will be an improvement on what i currently have

    8 year old AMD Athlon 1.7 / MSI Mb / 128mb graphics card etc

    my new computer going to fly compared to this
  12. I have the Stacker 832 (same case, different front door) and it's a great case but it is pricey. Your case will only be as loud as the parts you put in it. If your really concerned about noise, check this site out.
  13. Well if you plan on overclocking that i7, you need a CPU cooler, and the i7 coolers are pretty damn big. I mean if you could save up some more cash the Stacker is probably the best case for air cooling. Some other choices are the Antec 300 and 900, which are both high quality and good cooling cases.

    Antec 900

    Antec 300

    Good combo:
    Antec 900 + Asus P6T Deluxe V2
    Save $30. If you really look for combo deals you can save a good sum of cash.
  14. ive decided i think

    its time for action

    p 182 it is

    i will post again shortly when i blow the motherboard up or something

    thanks for all you advice
  15. No suggestions for cm 690? I'm shocked.
  16. CM690 is a great case, I just suggested it to a friend recently and he loves it. At the time Newegg had free shipping on it, that is something that could be considered.
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