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Hello everyone

I would like to get a new UPS for my PC, but i want to know the capacity (VA/Watts) that it should have considering the parts that I have:

-->Core i7 920 Turbo mode ON 2.8 GHz
-->EVGA GTX 275 896 MB DDR3
-->250 GB Sata Samsung HDD
-->1TB Sata Samsung HDD
-->Antec 900 with 5 active fans
-->32 inch LCD TV 720P LG

Any help would be appreciated......
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  1. What make/model power supply are you using?
  2. Anyhow, assuming you are using a 750W power supply with an 80% efficiency, it can draw a maximum of 937.5W from the wall. Add another 112.5 for your monitor (its average draw is 106W), and you get 1050W. So, in theory you need a UPS that can deliver 1050W. That's a BIG UPS.

    Assume you are actually using 600W max inside the PC, that would be 750W at the wall. You could use this UPS for the tower:

    And a small one like this for the monitor:

    Read at least UPS Ratings, Other caveats.
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