SATA hard noise randomly

The situation is that, my 500gb sata drive used to make this faint beeping noise from it and i never knew what its about., after each beep everything on the computer lags.its like they were powering off superfast and then repowering backon from what the sound sounds like,
so long story short:
my drive keeps beeping like its powering on and off for a split second.
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  1. no idea. possibly your drive is failing.

    1) run diagnostics on the drive from the manufacturer's software
    2) remove the drive if possible to see if the lags disappear

    I wouldn't trust that drive. Diagnostics may not reveal the problem yet.
  2. 1) Attach external hard drive via USB or ESATA
    2) Backup everything that you want to have next week
    3) Now you can look into what's wrong with the drive, because if it fails you won't lose everything.
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