Sound Blaster XFI Titanium PCI-E

Well just put this thing together and I have just read a few things on the Champion version. But I do not have the Champion version just the old PCI-E Card version. My problem is all I can do is to get sound using the Computers own Jacks on the top of the computer case which are connected to the Rear of the card via a HD Audio 10 pin jack.

The rear jacks do not have any audio coming from them. Does anyone have a clue as to why these rear 1/8 inch jacks do not work at all? Is it because I hooked up the rear jack? I find that hard to believe but hey at this point anything is possible.
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  1. I found out that not putting the rear jack on does help and then there is audio out of 3 ports in the rear but then I don't have any mic. Something is screwwy with this card. Be nice to hear something about what you feel could be a helpful hint here.
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