Vista forgets dual view settings

Okay, this seems to be a fairly common problem with Vista. I've read many complaints in forums but can't find the answer. Most seem to be laptop related. I just got mt new PC with Vista - been scared of Vista for two years. What I have is two monitors and I can get them configured to where I want them: primary on one, and extended desktop to the secondary. But every time Vista goes to sleep and some occasional restarts, Vista resets things back to clone view. Doesn't seem to matter if I make the settings in the control panel or the ATI Catalyst. Here's my equipment:

HP D5200 PC desktop
Vista Home Premium 64 bit, SP1
ATI Radeon HD4850 (two DVI outputs)
Two identical Acer V223W monitors set at 1680x1050

I've tried Ultramon, but I'm inclined to not pay for something that I should already have. I downloaded he most current drivers for the Acers. I was running the same monitors in the same configuration on my previous PC (XP Pro) with no trouble. Although... my previous box had an nVidia and I loved the Dualview application.

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  1. Do you have Spyware Doctor 6?
    It may be the cause.

    How to Troubleshoot Multiple Display Support
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